The MIM process is typically as 4 unique processing steps, (Compounding, Injection Molding, De-binding, Sintering) to produce a final parts.


1. Compounding
The first step in MIM process is feedstock preparation.
Fine metal powder is blended with thermoplastic binders to form a mixture called feedstock.
The binder is only an intermediate processing aid. It must be removed from the parts.

2. Injection Molding
First, put the feedstock into the MIM machine.
Then heated and injected the feedstock into a mold under high pressure.
It is called “Green Part” after injection.

3. De-binding
In this step, 90% binder will be removed from the green part.
The result is termed brown part.
This process is called de-binding or binder removal process.

4. Sintering
During the sintering process, the brown part are putted into a high temperature sintering furnace.